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Top 5 Trending Apps For Mobile

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Are you looking for the best trending apps mobile? After months of researching, finally, we found the top 5 trending apps on the market.

What are the top trending apps?

There are plenty of trending apps in the market. We Found the top five trending apps for you.

Top 5 Trending Apps For Mobile.

1# SpotyTube – Trending Viral Music Videos.

Trending and Viral Music charts in one place, all from reliable Music sources like Spotify, Billboard, and YouTube. That’s why you will never have to go elsewhere to know what’s happening in the Music World.


  • Floating Music player
  • Multi-task and use other apps while listening to Music
  • Top Music Charts from Spotify, Billboard, and YouTube
  • Top Music Charts by different countries
  • New Releases Charts from Spotify & YouTube
  • Music by Genres and Moods
  • Search any Artist or Music Video
  • Handsfree Voice Search
  • Import playlist from Spotify
  • Open playlist/track/artist in Spotify
  • Create your own Playlist
  • Follow Playlist and Artist
  • Sync Playlist on multiple devices
  • Get push notifications of New Releases every Friday

Enjoy all the beautiful Music and spread the by sharing the app with friends and family. Bob Marley once said, ” One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain “.


  • The app may require a YouTube app to play videos
  • To comply with YouTube’s terms of use, SpotyTube cannot play music in background or while on the lock screen
  • More music charts coming soon from Deezer, Pandora, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Music.


SpotyTube only requires an internet connection to stream music videos. Your privacy is our top priority, that’s why we do not require any other unnecessary permissions.

This Trending Apps is available for android.

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2# Appdater – Breaking and Trending News.

Appdater is a customized news app that allows you to discover breaking news, trending topics, to view the latest videos, and to be updated on all news happening around you.

Main Features:

  • Breaking and Flash news:
  • Be the first to be updated on the breaking and flash news.

Trending News:

Read the latest and most popular news articles on all categories: entertainment, economy, finance, business, technology, science, sports, travel, fashion, and politics – all delivered by trusted global and national media.

Search news:

Want to search for any news, please use the search bar and discover all that you need to know.

News push notification:

Receive important breaking news alerts directly on your mobile phone.

This Trending Apps is available for android and Iphone.

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3# Opera News – Trending news and videos.

Follow your favorite club and keep up to speed with the latest match updates and live scores with Opera News. Packed with the latest football news, videos, fixtures, and stats.

Opera News is a completely personalized news app that lets you follow trending topics, stay on top of the latest football developments, watch and share entertainment videos, and keep current with local and global news, all in one app.


Read the latest and most popular news articles on entertainment, economy, finance, business, technology, science, sports, travel, fashion, and politics – all delivered by top global and national media outlets.

Powered by our most powerful AI news engine, Opera News delivers real-time, AI-curated content according to your interests. Follow your favorite channels to see topics personalized just for you. The more you use the app, the better it becomes. Your preferences and personal information are kept completely secure; Opera News will never share your private data with anyone.

Instaclips collects the latest trending videos for you to enjoy. Upload video clips from any website and share them with Instaclips. This is a collection of the latest entertaining and viral videos for you to enjoy and share with friends.

You can get personalized topic recommendations based on what you have followed and by adding personal preferences, so when you open the app you see only what is relevant to you.

Receive important breaking news alerts directly on your home screen. Always stay updated about what is happening around you.

This Trending Apps is available for android and iPhone.

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4# Market Trends.

Another breakthrough product for traders from Trading4Pro. Market trends will find the strongest trend in the market just in a few seconds. Scanning list of most popular forex pairs and commodities live, market trends’ algorithm is based on 3 most popular indicators: EMA (the difference between EMA 21 and EMA 9), RSI (14) and Stochastic (14, 3, 3). The main graph shows your signal’s strength by indicator, as you can quickly open the candlestick chart to verify the trend.

Market trends will make your forex trading easy, as you will see all the necessary details in a glance.

For the most advanced traders we added special option: a customized setout of all signals’ levels per indicator – make our trading tool work according to your personal preferences.

This Trending Apps is available for android and iPhone.

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5# Free Music Player – Trending Music.

Collect your favorite music and create original albums based on your favorite artists. Listen to Millions of Songs – Forever.

Global 24/7 Music Party: Meet and Chat With New Friends.

VIBBIDI is the world’s only virtual dancefloor! Space for you to come and enjoy premium curated music content shared live 24/7 with every single VIBBIDI user, all in a social environment that lives & breathes with the community! Explore everything there is to offer, all the while enjoying the show and interacting with real live users.

VJ: the conductor for each party.

The VJ of each program personally curates a block of music to get you moving! They’ll be along for the ride while you watch, giving their commentary LIVE! From personal memories to musical critiques, to being a classic hype-man, you never know what kind of show you’re going to get.

Commentary isn’t just for the VJ’s though; Make your voice heard and join the discussion with other live users, as your words scroll across the screen in real-time! See what the entire world is talking about, or limit it to just the friends you’ve added if you want a more catered experience. The conversation awaits you.

A trending new music app unlike any other, VIBBIDI as a music player lets you build music video-playlists. Free music streaming never sounded so good.

VIBBIDI allows you to curate your favorite songs, music, and music videos. Discover trending chart-toppers and rare singles. Build an impressive profile of playlists to showcase your taste and collections with your friends.

Follow others who appreciate similar styles based on your unique audio preferences and taste. Go on in-depth music explorations of undiscovered songs. Unlike other music apps, VIBBIDI’s intelligent timeline recommends trending songs and new music, based on the artists you like and the music you collect.

This Trending Apps is available for android and iPhone.

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There are plenty of trending apps, these apps are the best in the market. they have good reviews. You can test them one by one to choose the best of them. Good Luck.

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