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Top 5 Streaming Apps For Mobile 2020

streaming apps

Are you looking for the best streaming apps mobile? After months of researching, finally, we found the top 5 streaming apps on the market.

What are the best apps for streaming?

There are plenty of streaming apps in the market. We Found the top five streaming apps for you.

Top 5 Streaming Apps for Mobile 2020.

1# Omlet Arcade – Screen Recorder, Live Stream Games.

Omlet Arcade is the premier platform for powering up your gaming experience. Live stream your best moments, squad up with new friends, and use custom tools to improve your gameplay.

Show off your gameplay by streaming to Omlet, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch. Create your profile and grow your following. Meet other gamers, play together, and become a star.

Free live streaming to your favorite platform:

Share epic game moments with other gamers by streaming popular mobile games: PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Minecraft, Brawl Stars directly to Omlet, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch from your phone! (Android 5.0 and higher).

Stream HUDs:

Upgrade your stream with new seasonal and gamer overlays.

In-app currency and donations:

Show appreciation onto your favorite streamers by buffing them with Omlet tokens. Spend tokens to buy cool in-app features.

Squad Streaming:

Create a squad, invite your friends, and stream together for a fun, collaborative gaming experience.

Mobile Esports Community:

Join and play in open community matches hosted by your favorite streamers, or tune in to watch pro players from around the world compete in clan scrimmages and global esports tournaments.

Minecraft multiplayer mode:

Instantly join your friends’ Minecraft games or host your own through our unique multiplayer mode. Download new worlds and mods from our community of creators with just one click. Share your creations and collaborate with others to build something amazing.

In-game voice chat:

The unlimited real-time group voice chat makes it easy to coordinate in-game attacks with your team or just chill and talk.

This Streaming app is available for Android and IOS.

streaming apps
streaming apps

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2# Streamlabs – Stream Live to Twitch and Youtube.

Go live with just a few taps to the largest social live video streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and more.

Chat with people all over the world as they watch you experience epic gameplays, IRL adventures, or whatever you’d like to broadcast. To make these moments better, Streamlabs Mobile app can not only spruce up your stream with alerts, but it can also be the best hotkey system for when you stream from a computer.

Gain friends and fans on the largest streaming platforms:

Unlike other apps that have you join yet another social live video streaming network, Streamlabs links to your existing Twitch or Youtube channels so you can simply go live and chat with your fans whenever you want! Streamlabs links to your existing Twitch or Youtube account so you will have the chance to broadcast to millions of people.

Streaming, growing, and paying your bills:

You can stream from anywhere you want with the Streamlabs Mobile App. Whether you are doing something at home or out in the world, your stream is only one tap away. Swap between the front and rear cameras to show what you are doing, who you are with, or what is happening from your POV or share your phone’s screen to stream mobile games.

Passionate about broadcasting and want to make social live video streaming your career? Streamlabs is here to help! We understand that consistency is key to building your community, and the importance of streaming on the go. With more streams, your fans will have more opportunities to Tip, Donate, Subscribe, Chat or engage in any way they choose to support your stream.

This Streaming app is available for Android and IOS.

streaming apps
streaming apps

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3# Tubi – Free Movies & TV Shows.

Watch thousands of hit movies and TV series for free. Tubi is 100% legal unlimited streaming, with no credit cards and no subscription required. Choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, with fewer ads than regular TV.

Tubi is the largest free streaming service featuring award-winning movies and TV series. There is something for everybody; from comedy to drama, kids to classics, and niche favorites such as Korean dramas, anime, and British series. Download now and start streaming entertainment for free.

Tubi adds free HD shows and movies every week, so you’ll never run out of entertainment to stream on the go (and at home!). Our goal is to free as many categories of TV shows and movies as we can so you don’t have to pay for online entertainment (like you do for other streaming services).

Not only are our movies and online TV shows always free and available anywhere but they’re also highly rated on IMDb. All of our categories are free to choose from, including New Releases, and Anime TV series that you can’t find on other popular subscription video apps. Our Anime collection has Naruto, Yu-gi-oh, Cowboy Bebop, and much more. Why torrent content when you could stream your favorite movies and TV shows with us?

Tubi Features Include:

  • Watch HD Movies & TV Shows with the Biggest Hollywood Stars.
  • Watch online entertainment from your favorite Hollywood studios.
  • Get a taste of Hollywood in its prime and watch your favorite actors and actresses in our movies and TV Shows.
  • Free video streaming for every movie and TV show – Never pay a subscription.
  • Discover hidden gems and new favorites in all of our categories.
  • Create a personal queue to bookmark which videos you want to watch.

This Streaming app is available for Android and IOS.

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4# Nimo TV – Live Game Streaming.

Nimo TV is a leading global platform specifically for gamers of mobile games, PC games and also an ideal place to share your daily special moments.

Nimo TV is one of the best mobile game live streaming app for game lovers from all over the world. With the comprehensive strategic agreement bounded between Nimo TV and TENCENT GAMES, we are devoting ourselves to presenting the best games, game events and live broadcasting to the widest range of users, faster and better.

As a leading global platform that allows millions of gamers to play and broadcast games to other players, we are determined to build a gaming community of players, gamers, and fans that drive the conversation. Also, with the talent for singing, dancing or even doing a talk show, everybody is welcome to share their special moments on the Nimo TV live show channel.

Nimo TV does not only owns the global top and famous esports teams, interesting and popular KOLs and potential streamers, we also provide the unique form of interactions interact, through “Bullet Screen”. Real-time interaction makes communication between streamers and viewers more easily and with more fun.

  • Supporting 19 languages to join game lovers from all over the world.
  • Live show channel for everybody to share daily lives.
  • The best streamer and best fan will be shown on the global leaderboard.

This Streaming app is available for Android and IOS.

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5#MICO – Stranger Random Chat, Goodbye to Loneliness.

MICO is a global live streaming and random stranger live chat platform that provides interesting live streams, full of surprises with random stranger chats, funny photos and short videos, and group live chat. With real-time translation, you can chat with strangers all over the world without any language barrier, find a new friend and meet new people in MICO.

Main Features in MICO:

  • Random Stranger Chat: Meet new people and chat with strangers.
  • Pick an instant match by swiping left or right, meet strangers accurately and fast. Randomly chat with strangers and talk to real girls nearby or worldwide.
  • Once you match someone, you will go to the chat room, then with messages, voice, and video, you can chat with strangers.

Live Stream: Go live and watch live stream whenever you want:

  • Watch the live stream and enjoy a video live. Tons of talented broadcasters from more than 100 different countries are gathered in MICO. They broadcast thousands of exciting live shows every day. Filter live streams based on your interests or countries.
  • 1 touch to go live. Dancing, singing, talk show, online game, no matter what talent you have, MICO will be the biggest stage for you to live, everyone can be a star in MICO. New beautiful stickers and filters make you cuter, more beautiful and more confident in the video chat and live stream.

Group Live Chat: Voice or video live chat with more people:

  • The more people, the more fun the video chat will be. Join a group chat room and start a voice or live chat party with strangers, make friends and have fun with beautiful girls and handsome guys.
  • Create a group video chat room, invite friends via video call to live chat with you or wait strangers enter to the living room, live chat or voice chat with them, meet more interesting people.

2v2 Video Live PK: New upgrade of traditional Live PK mode:

2v2 Live PK is not only the live stream competition between broadcasters but also with the audience. A broadcaster can invite a friend to start a 2v2 live PK, the loser will accept the lovely punishment. Come and enjoy a funny live PK.

This Streaming apps is available for Android and IOS.

There is plenty of streaming apps, these apps are the best in the market. they have good reviews. You can test them one by one to choose the best of them.

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