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Top 5 Food Apps For Mobile

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Are you looking for the best food apps mobile? After months of researching, finally, we found the top 5 food apps on the market.

What is the best food app for mobile?

There are plenty of food apps in the market. We Found the top five food apps for you.

Top 5 Food Apps For Mobile.

1# Foodpanda – Local Food Delivery.

Craving something delicious? If there’s one thing we know it’s food delivery. It’s our mission to bring tasty food from your favorite local restaurant right to your door so you can eat good food every day.

We’ll go the extra mile to make your order the greatest food experience in the world. Hungry for wood-fired pizza, comforting Korean food or super fresh sushi? We know the best food for every cuisine that your city has to offer. Foodpanda is the best food delivery service in your city — so let’s take the first bite.


You’re ready and waiting to eat, we’ve all been there, dreaming of Japanese food, eating pad Thai in our dreams. Dream no more – our riders are here to bring the food you’ve been lusting after right to your door. Dreams really do come true.


First, enter your address (home/ office/ treehouse). Then, choose your favorite restaurant and place an order. They’ll prepare your food and once it’s ready, our courier brings it to you. If you need something to watch, you can track your rider in real-time. Then you eat. Food goals.

Foodpanda chooses your local favorites; the best food near you. Chinese or Japanese, healthy salads or food to nurse your hangover — your dinner will be cooked with love and care. Our riders come to your very doorstep with a smile, while you save time to do something else you love. There are cuisine and a dish to suit every moment and we’ll help you make the first bite last.

This Food App is available for android and iPhone.

food apps
food apps

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2# Tasty.

Meet your new cooking coach! Over 3000 Tasty recipes now at your fingertips; an all-new Step-By-Step instruction mode; ‘My Recipes’ page which serves as your very own mobile cookbook, and an innovative Search tool that allows you to filter by any ingredients, cuisine and social occasion you’re in the mood for! Meet your new cooking coach.


  • Get step-by-step instructions on how to cook every single recipe. We’ll even keep your phone awake so you don’t have to worry about it falling asleep while you cook.
  • Watch the latest videos from Tasty before your friends do.
  • Get recommendations for your next meal based on the time of day, day of the week, and major holidays.
  • Vegetarian? Personalize the app to automatically hide all recipes with meat! (Don’t worry, you can always change this later)
  • Search recipes by social plans, ingredients, dietary needs, difficulty, speed, cuisine, and more.
  • Filter by what matters to you like vegan, gluten-free, low carb, healthy, and comfort food to name a few.
  • Add recipes to your Tasty likes to save them for later.
  • Live outside of the US? We have metric values side-by-side with US measurements for every recipe

This Food App is available for android and iPhone.

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3# Glovo.

Glovo offers a ‘shop on your behalf’ app that promises to let you order anything locally on-demand and have it delivered within minutes.

Residents of cities can place an order for the item they want on Glovo’s app. The nearest courier will go to the closest store that has it available, buy and deliver it to the customer.

Order anything you want with Glovo and it will be delivered in minutes. You can order from any restaurant in your city, or from any supermarket and shop.


  • Among the most downloaded Spanish Lifestyle Apps in 2018 and 2019.
  • Over 30 million installs worldwide.
  • More than 20.000 partner restaurants, shops, stores.
  • Deliveries from the biggest chains: McDonald’s, KFC, Papa John’s and many more.
  • Easy-to-use and to order.
  •  Order anything, anywhere, anytime, locally or further away.
  • Track your delivery in real-time.
  •  Fast delivery.


  • Order anything you want.
  •  Order from any restaurant in your city.
  • Discover local stores.
  • Order any product you wish.
  • Track and follow the delivery in real-time.
  • Receive your delivery in minutes.
  • Rate your experience.
  •  Reorder your favorite items with 1 click.
  • Share with family and friends: invite your friends and family members. Help them to save time with deliveries.
  • Get free delivery with Glovo Prime. (only for specific countries)

Glovo is an app that allows you to buy, collect and send any product within your city. Glovo is already present in over 26 countries and 200 cities, making life easier and better for millions of people around the world. Download the app for free, and whenever you want something just order a Glovo, and we’ll get it for you.

This Food App is available for android and iPhone.

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4# Careem NOW: Order food & more.

Careem NOW is your new delivery app, powered by Careem. Download it for free and get your order straight to your door.

Hosting movie night and need pizza to share? Busy day at work and need lunch to come to you? Or is it just a no-cook day? Browse & discover nearby restaurants, order your favorites – and that’s it! We’re on our way with your meal.

Need eggs and milk twice a week? Crave late-night snacks every weekend? A pounding headache and you need a Panadol? We’ll buy and deliver it for you, right away.

Need that document dropped off at the visa office, or want to send your shoes for repair? Forgot your charger at your friend’s place? We’ll pick it up and drop it off.

This Food App is available for android and iPhone.

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5# Wolt: Food delivery.

Wolt makes it incredibly easy to discover and get great food in your city. Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ll bring it to your door. Just pick a restaurant, choose a meal, swipe to order and let us do the rest.

No time for cooking? We’ve all been there. That’s why we became online experts on the greatest local food experiences and restaurants. Whether it’s a gourmet burger, stone oven pizza, some spicy tacos, fresh sushi or some other delicious eats you’re currently craving, we’ve got you covered with our 7700+ restaurant choices.

You’ll be kept in the loop on the status of the delivery in real-time, with a minute-by-minute countdown. If staring at a clock isn’t your thing, don’t worry – we’ll also send you notifications so you know when your order is about to arrive.

Getting your food should be as simple as possible. That’s why you can pay conveniently and securely with your credit card, Mobile Pay or Google Pay. Whatever works for you.

This Food Apps is available for android and iPhone.

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There is plenty of food apps, these apps are the best in the market. they have good reviews. You can test them one by one to choose the best of them. Good Luck.

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